Which type of Coke do you like the best?

Jacob taste tests different types of Coca-Cola and tells us which one he prefers.

Self Study


Listen to the dialogue in the episode again. Try to write down what they say and then check with the answers below.


Hello, I’m Jacob Battersby and today I’m going to be testing out all the possible coke you can actually get.

So let’s go.

So Coca Cola Cherry first of all.

Mmmm, (it’s) nice.

And now I’m going to compare it to the regular Coca-Cola.

So, here we go.

It tastes disgusting after this.

So, out of the regular Coca-Cola and the Coca-Cola Cherry, I choose the Cherry.

Now we have Diet Coke Caffeine Free versus Diet Coke.

Let’s get to it.

So, this could go everywhere, crap!

Ok, that was good, ok.

Ok, Diet Coke regular.

Mmm, that’s a lot better than the regular Coca-Cola. Alright.

Shit, I got that everywhere.

Caffeine Free.

Hmm, that’s a hard decision but I think I’m going to have to go with the regular Diet Coke.

Now we have Diet Cherry Coke, boom, versus Diet Coke.

Don’t go everywhere, there we go.

Hwuh, you feel a bit sick after this (inadudible)

Oh, I love Diet Cherry Coke, that’s probably going to win anyway but.

Here we go, normal Diet Coke.

Uh, wow.

They’re all nice, but, yeah, Diet Coke yeah definitely, Diet Coke doesn’t win basically.

Diet Cherry Coke is the best and I’m going with that.

Self Study

Use a voice recorder to try to summarize what they said in the episode. You can use the questions and answers below to help.


What’s he doing in the clip?

Which one does he prefer between regular Coca-Cola and Cherry Coke?

Why is he worried?

Which one does he like better between Diet Coke and Diet Coke Caffeine Free?

Which one tastes the best between Diet Coke and Diet Cherry Coke?


What’s he doing in the clip?

He’s taste testing different types of Coke.

He’s trying out different flavours of Coca-Cola.

US - flavor / UK - flavour

He’s performing taste tests on different types of Coca-Cola.

Which one does he prefer?

He prefers Coca Cola Cherry.

He likes Coca Cola Cherry more than regular Coca-Cola.

Why is he worried?

He might spill some Coke.

He might spray Coke everywhere.

He might spill Coke all over his desk.

Which one does he like better?

He likes Diet Coke better than Diet Coke Caffeine Free.

He prefers Diet Coke.

Which one tastes the best?

He likes the taste of Diet Cherry Coke the best.

Diet Cherry Coke is his favourite.

US - favorite / UK - favourite



In this video clip Jacob is performing some taste tests on different types of Coca-Cola.

He’s comparing many different flavors of Coke, and telling us which ones he prefers the taste of.

The first two kinds of cola he compares are Coca-Cola Cherry and original Coca-Cola.

He much prefers the Cherry Coke. He says that the original Coca-Cola tastes disgusting in comparison.

Next, he compares Diet Coke Caffeine Free with Diet Coke.

When he says “So, this could go everywhere, crap!” he’s worried that when he opens the can the soft drink might spray everywhere.

When he says “Ok, that was good, ok.”, he’s relieved that it hasn’t spilt/spilled.

He then tastes Diet Coke, and says “Shit, I got that everywhere.”

That means that he spilled some of the Diet Coke on his desk when he opened the can.

Both “shit” and “crap” both originally mean “poo” or “poop”. You shouldn’t use them in formal situations, or in public, but many native speakers use them a lot informally with their close friends when they’re surprised, angry, or disappointed.

“Oh shit, you scared me.”

“Oh shit, I forgot my homework.”

“Oh crap, I missed my bus.”

In the end he prefers Diet Coke, but he says it’s a “hard decision”. This means that it’s hard to judge which one tastes better.

The final two drinks he compares are Diet Cherry Coke and Cherry Coke.

In this context “Boom” is an expression that can mean you’re excited about something. He’s looking forward to drinking Diet Cherry Coke.

Tonight I’m having pizza for dinner… boom!

Just booked my holiday to Thailand… boom!

Before he compares the last two drinks he says “Hwuh, you feel a bit sick after this.”

Maybe because he has drank a lot of different types of coke in a short period of time he’s feeling a little bit unwell. Sometimes if you eat or drink too many sweet things in a short period of time you feel sick.

In the end, his final decision is to choose Diet Cherry Coke. In his opinion, that is the best one.