Virtual Reality Games

A young Englishman talks about the potential for VR games and headsets becoming mainstream in the future.

Self Study


Listen to the dialogue in the episode again. Try to write down what they say and then check with the answers below.


How do I think games are going to change in the future?

I think everything is moving towards VR, so virtual reality. I think everything is going to be virtual reality within the next maybe year or two.

Because there's a massive push from, I think it's Steam, with the HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift. There's a massive push for each of those games, each of those devices.

And I think VR is going to be massive in the future. They're trying to get it so, like, VR can go to the mainstream. So everyone could afford VR. Which is really cool, so that means I'll be able to get a VR kit and hopefully play some VR games. It'll be really fun.