Using Your Smart Phone

An Irish man talks about his smart phone usage and the apps he likes to use.

Self Study


Listen to the dialogue in the episode again. Try to write down what they say and then check with the answers below.


How often do I use my smart phone? Probably, too often.

I use it maybe 12 hours a day, nearly every minute of the day, I'm always looking at my smart phone which is probably bad, but it's the day we live in now.

The top apps I use are probably 'Slack' or 'Whatsapp', just (uh) messaging apps to talk to my friends, so 'Facebook' as well.

And Youtube, of course, which is my favourite website, so I watch that on my phone too, when I commute to work.

Self Study

Use a voice recorder to try to summarize what they said in the episode. You can use the questions and answers below to help.


  • Is the man addicted to his smart phone?
  • What apps does he use the most often?
  • What other app does he like to use?


Yes, he said he probably uses it for 12 hours a day, and looks at it too often.

He likes to use messaging apps, such as Slack, Whatsapp, and Facebook, so he can talk to his friends.

He also likes to use the Youtube app to watch videos.



the day we live in - current times / the way society behaves these days
I'm so busy now, but it's the day we live in. It seems that everybody is always busy these days, more than what we were in the past.
Everybody is connected to the internet these days. People walk around looking at their smart phones while they walk. It's the day we live in now.

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people using their smart phones too much

Smart phone addiction



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