Traveling Around Europe

An American woman talks about her last vacation, a trip around Europe.

Self Study


Listen to the dialogue in the episode again. Try to write down what they say and then check with the answers below.


I went on my last vacation about a year ago now, with my husband. And we started out in Ireland, we flew there. So we flew to Ireland, and we stayed there for about a week.

And then we went to go visit my cousins, who live in Italy. That was just beautiful. The weather there was so nice. They live right near the coast, like the Amalfi Coast. And they just have a beautiful view from there house, so that was really cool to see. We hadn't been there before.

And from there we went to London. We'd never been to London before so that was a really cool experience. We saw, you know, Big Ben, the London Bridge, all the double decker buses. So that was really cool, (a) really busy city. We got to see the changing of the guard, that was a cool experience. It took quite a bit longer than I was thinking it was going to, but it was still cool.

And then from there we went to Berlin. And that's a really cool city, there's just so much history there. We get (got) to go on a couple of tours, that was fun. And I think I actually, I'd really like to go back to Berlin, because I feel like there was so much that we didn't really see. (There's) just a lot of places in the city that I still want to go to. So I think that one's still on my list. We're going to have to get back there.

But, yeah, it was a really great vacation. It was pretty packed, just hopping from place to place, we did all of that in about fourteen days total, I think, so. Yeah, it was really fun.