The Saskatchewan Countryside

A woman describes the countryside of Saskatchewan, Canada.

Self Study


Listen to the dialogue in the episode again. Try to write down what they say and then check with the answers below.


There are many different types of countrysides in Canada.

Um, it depends where you are, but I'm going to speak right now about Saskatchewan, because that's where I grew up, and I love that countryside.

It's very flat, so there's absolutely no mountains, um, there's a few hills if you go in the Qu'Appelle Valley, but mostly it's very flat, it's a lot of farmland, but it's absolutely beautiful, um, lot's of farmers' fields, so lots of wheat, and the sunsets are amazing, it's very quiet, um, a lot of farm animals, so cows, horses, you'll see them a lot while you're just driving down the highway.

The countryside, my favourite thing about the countryside is the peace and quiet, and the, like I said, the sunsets are absolutely beautiful, when the sun is setting on a nice prairie field, it's gold and it's pink and it's blue, it's just, it's absolutely beautiful.

And in Saskatchewan, the, I lived in Toronto and Vancouver as well, and there's nothing like the smell of the air in Saskatchewan, it's clean, it's crisp, it's fresh and it's just amazing!

Self Study

Use a voice recorder to try to summarize what they said in the episode. You can use the questions and answers below to help.


  • Where did she grow up?
  • What is the scenery like in Saskatchewan?
  • What does she say is "amazing"?
  • What's her favourite thing about the countryside?
  • How does she describe the air in Saskatchewan?


She grew up in Saskatchewan.

It's very flat; there's only a few hills, and there's a lot of farmland.

She mentions that the sunsets are amazing.

She likes the peace and quiet. She also likes the beautiful sunsets. When the sun hits the prairie fields you can see many beautiful colours.

She says that the air in Saskatchewan is clean, crisp, and fresh.