The Food in Your Hometown

A Canadian woman describes the food and restaurants from her hometown in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Self Study


Listen to the dialogue in the episode again. Try to write down what they say and then check with the answers below.


I come from a very small town in Saskatchewan, which is central Canada. And my town was about 5,000 people so we didn't have a lot of variation of restaurants, um, we basically had two Chinese restaurants, two regular restaurants, a Dairy Queen, a Kentucky Fried Chicken, and that's pretty much it.

The restaurant we probably went to the most when I was younger was called 'The Flamingo' and it was very based on Greek, it was Greek owners, but it was more Greek-Canadian. So there was lots of, they were famous for their ribs, really famous for their pizza, that's also huge in Canada, is pizza, chicken fingers, they had a buffet every Sunday.

I do definitely remember the buffet, that was something we did a lot on Sundays. And if you don't know what a buffet is, it's basically a whole bunch of food laid out on heaters and you just walk up and you basically can take whatever you want, so it's really, really great. And the price is usually really, really great, especially because I was in a small town.

(It's) definitely different to what I'm used to going to now that I live in Toronto and it was very basic food, not a lot of, not a tonne of flavour, not a lot of love put into it, it was just very basic, and it was good, but here in Toronto I go to a lot of different places. I love Italian food, so we have our special Italian restaurants we go to, and Toronto's really known for it's culinary art, so there's lots of amazing restaurants here and a lot of creativity that goes into the food.

I would say they, well in the small town I grew up in, nothing's really changed. The Flamingo is still there, we don't have any new restaurants in town. As far as change goes though, because I live in Toronto and I also used to live in Vancouver, which is on the west side of Canada, it has changed because when I did move to a bigger city it just opened my eyes to how many different variations and how many, how multicultural Canada really is with its food.