The Fantastical Smart Phone App

Jenni talks about the most useful app that she uses on her iphone. A calendar application.

Self Study


Listen to the dialogue in the episode again. Try to write down what they say and then check with the answers below.


The smart phone app that I use the most, I think is 'Fantastical'.

It's a calendar app that, it just merges all your stuff together, like, it merges the Apple Calendar, it merges the Apple Reminders, and then any to-do lists. And it just kind of squishes them all together, so you can see it on one screen.

I use that pretty much every day, just to see what stuff I have to do. And then, if I have any appointments coming up.

And it makes it really easy to add, if like someone tells you "Hey can you meet for lunch tomorrow?", it's really easy to quickly add it, just by, there's like an 'Add' button on the top, you can just type how you'd normally talk. Like, you can just say "Meeting Sally tomorrow for lunch at 2 o'clock", or whatever. And it will just put it right in, with all the details. You don't need to sit and fill in every single little field and then select a time, it just does it all automatically.

So, that's why I really like it and why I use it pretty much everyday.