The 4 Hour Work Week

A young Englishman talks about his favourite book, 'The Four Hour Work Week' by Tim Ferriss.

Self Study


Listen to the dialogue in the episode again. Try to write down what they say and then check with the answers below.


What is the best book that you've read or listened to, and why?

The answer to that would have to be, 'The Four Hour Work Week', by a guy called Timothy Ferriss.

And he talks about how you can earn as much money as you do in your day job, in your normal 9-to-5 job. And you can compress it down so you're only working four hours a week. You can do it from anywhere in the world, remote working.

And it's all about outsourcing, getting people to do certain tasks, so you can focus on what you're good at.

And the whole principle behind the book is just creating freedom in your life, and financially as well. And I really, I just resonate with the book so much. And I've met countless people who agree, it's their favourite book of all time, so yeah, 'The Four Hour Work Week'.