Living in Massachusetts (USA)

Steve, a young man from America, talks about what it's like living in his home state of Massachusetts.

Self Study


Listen to the dialogue in the episode again. Try to write down what they say and then check with the answers below.


What is the best thing about living in Massachusetts?

Well, I've lived in Massachusetts all my life, so, I feel like there's a ton of stuff here that I love. But, the biggest thing that strikes me as different from other states in the US, is the culture here.

Boston and Massachusetts, in general, have a very interesting culture, where it's very welcoming. (It) doesn't matter where you're from, you know, what you do, as long as you're in Massachusetts, you're part of, you know, the bigger culture and communities here. And I find that very interesting.

I don't think you could go out west per se, or in the Mid-West of the US, and it'd still be the same. I think it's very welcoming. And we have our own culture and our own style. So, it's definitely a fun place. Plus it's steeped in history.

I actually used to live in Plymoth, which is where the pilgrims, you know, immigrated from England to start the US, basically. And that was really incredible. I got to see, you know, a lot of the old houses, that I'm sure to a lot of you aren't that old. They were built, you know, in the 1700s - 1800s. Which, to an American, is very old. Whereas if you go to places like England, or Germany, or France, they have buildings that are way, way older than that. You know, 500-600 years old... even more than that. Especially in Greece, you know! Ancient Greece, so.

It's definitely an interesting state, and if you ever get the chance, (it's) definitely worth a visit.