Cooking Yummy Salmon

In this free English cooking video clip a young American woman describes the last thing she cooked and how it tasted.

Self Study


Listen to the dialogue in the episode again. Try to write down what they say and then check with the answers below.


Last time I cooked I made salmon with my boyfriend.

It only took about 30 minutes to prepare and bake.

I put honey and brown sugar on it to make it sweet.


Self Study

Use a voice recorder to try to summarize what they said in the episode. You can use the questions and answers below to help.


  • What did she cook?
  • Who did she cook the meal with?
  • How long did it take to make?
  • What did she add to it?
  • Why did she add those ingredients?
  • Was it delicious?

Do you like cooking? What was the last thing you cooked recently?


She cooked baked salmon.

She cooked with her boyfriend.

It only took 30 mins to make.

She added honey and brown sugar to it.

She added those ingredient to make the salmon taste sweet.

Yes, it was yum!