What is DeluxeEnglish.com?

What is Deluxe English?

Deluxe English is a website for intermediate English speakers who want to become advanced English speakers.

Our first goal is to show you a new way of studying English, so that your speaking and listening skills improve more naturally.

Many traditional ways of learning English are too boring, too difficult, and only help you to translate and understand (but not speak!).

Our second goal is to show you interesting videos, websites and apps that will allow you to enjoy learning English. If you enjoy studying English, then you're more likely to "keep going". If you quit, you'll never become fluent.

For many members the goal is to "think in English" and "just speak naturally". We don't want to translate in our heads, we want to speak with fluency and listen to English naturally and automatically.

If you can do this, then you can have more employment opportunities, you can travel easily, you can enjoy English tv shows and movies, and you can make new friends.


About James

James first started teaching English in 2006 in South Korea. Before starting Deluxe English, he taught the Device Solutions English Intensive Course at Samsung Electronics for 4 years. He's taught high level executives, engineers, marketers, university students, government employees, and high, middle, and elementary school children.

James believes that the secret to becoming a good English speaker is really enjoying English.

His teaching method is based on almost 10 years of teaching, academic research, successful students, polyglots, and his own experience learning foreign languages.

James enjoys traveling, watching interesting movies, web programming, and learning languages.