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Planetside Video Game

Advanced English

Arran talks about his favourite video game, a massively multiplayer online first-person...

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The Best and Worst Thing About Traveling

Intermediate American

Mari talks about what she thinks are the best things and worst things about traveling t...

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Friday the 13th Video Game

Advanced American

Ken talks about the upcoming 'Friday the 13th' video game, based on the iconic horror m...

What is Deluxe English?


What is Deluxe English?

Deluxe English is for intermediate English students who want to become better at speaking and listening to English.

A nervous English speaker.

Our Goal

Do you want to become better at English?

Our goal is to be able to 'think in English' without translating. We want to become fluent speakers of natural, authentic, conversational English.

A fluent English speaker.

What We'll Watch

Is learning English boring?

Watch short and interesting videos designed to help you naturally improve your English listening and speaking skills.

Interesting videos.

What We'll Learn

Do you know how to study?

Learn how to become a better speaker with a learning method based on research and experience.

Language improvement curve.


Would you like to communicate with native speakers?

We want to travel and speak English, we want to speak English well for our jobs, we want to watch and understand TV shows. We want to enjoy English.

Watching English TV shows.

Do you want to become a better English speaker?

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